Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CONTROL4 Keypads - Did You Know?

CONTROL 4  keypads make home automation control easier and more affordable than ever before. Choose from the simplicity of our 2- Button Keypad, 3-Button Keypad, the flexibility of our 6-Button Keypad. Whichever configuration you choose, you'll get easy installation, an intuitive interface with the Control4 system, standard Decora®, and wireless or wired options.
Keypads - Unlock the power of customizable, preset, one-touch control functionality with our elegant Keypads.

Did  you know that the buttons on Control4 keypads can be programmed to control anything integrated into the system?  With a Control4 keypad next to the front door, if you press one  button it can turn off all the lights and TV’s in the house.  It can also bring the temperature down to an away state as well as may other events.  Control4 has 3 models of keypads.  They have the 2 button, 3 button and 6 button keypads.  Many customers like the 6 button keypads that we put next to their bedside.  One button turns the lights on in the room to a bright scene.  One button sets the lights to a dimmer “romance” scene.  Another button turns  on the TV to a favorite channel and double tapping that button turns it back off.  We have a button that lights up a very dim “path to bath” for those times in the middle of the night that you have to get to the bathroom but don’t want to shock your eyes with bright lights.  Another button is a sleep timer for the TV.  One tap is 30 minutes, two taps is 1 hour and 3 taps is cancel.  The last button can be a house goodnight button that turns off all the lights inside the house as well as all of the TVs. 
            There is no limit to what you can control with these buttons.  It all depends on what other Control4 devices you have.  If you would like to control your HVAC system, just swap out your thermostats with Control4 ones.  If you would like to integrate your alarm system, we just need to confirm that your panel is compatible and we can wire it in.  Control4 switches and dimmers can replace your existing ones with no addition wiring. 
Another great spot for a keypad is inside the front door.  One button can set a welcome scene for those times that you are coming home with guests and you don’t want to have to walk around the house turning lights on.  We can also integrate music with this button on the double tap.  Another button can just be what we call a global path scene.  These are just the lights in the house that help with getting around.  Instead of turning all the lights on in the house, it just turns on only the lights you need.  Another button can be the before mentioned away button.  This will turn off all lights and TVs in the house and can even arm your alarm system.  The temperature can drop a few degrees too. 
If you are interested in Control4 keypads, just contact us for more info or see link below….


  1. The smart house control system is so convenient. I see it so popular in several years as smarphone now. I don't know if this system has the remote control as well. I'm sure that remote control is very useful feature for such kind of system.