Thursday, May 6, 2010

Control4 systems are not just for guys...... Women benefit too!!

Control4 systems are not just for guys. That’s right…the digital home is not just for geeked-out guys. Check out how women benefit too!!

Its difficult to watch your kids every moment in the day... Control4 allows you to watch them and monitor them.

Having limits: Giving them a limit and standing by it... after school allowing only 1 hour of TV or Wii time then its time for Homework... with a 3-button keypad or a tabletop keypad you can have it automatically turn off in one hour.
Forgetting with no worries: In day to day activities sometimes kids can be forgetful. Always forgetting lights on, doors open, etc. Well Control4 says no problem, with 4Sight you could get an email or text message alert when the kids leave lights on, forget to lock doors, or accidentally leave the garage door open. Also receive alerts when each of the kids arrive home or when they enter their code to disarm the alarm system.
No more Negotiations: Kids always want more....How about a 10-minute audio warning before dinner or bedtime? It’s amazing how much stress and frustration you can avoid.
No worries: When you crawl into bed at night and realize... Did I close all the lights, Did I lock that back door?? Well with one push of a button you turn off all the lights in the house and lock the doors? No more running from room to room to make sure everything is off and the house is secure.
There are so many cool reasons for Women to LOVE their new Control4 system. So what are you waiting for? Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination!


  1. The system is very useful. Allows to control all lectrical devices, lights at home and also to watch the kids and to check what are the busy with. I'd like to get more details about the price and this sytem installation.